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If you are looking for fencing in the Norwich and Norfolk area then you have come to the right place because Norwich Decking Co is not just excellent decking installers, we offer unparalleled fencing service! But do not take our word for it instead check out our customer testimonials.

Avoid the hassles of being overcharged and under delivered . Instead of wasting time and money call us, a business built on delivering convenience at affordable prices and quality.

With over 20 years’ experience, our fully qualified Joiners, Builders, and laborers from Norwich Norfolk are committed to offering you a reliable, fully guaranteed and professional friendly service.



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Here at Norwich Decking Co, our timber decking fitters make sure all our garden services in Norwich and Norfolk are completed to the highest standards.




Composite decking is less slippery than timber and comes in a range of colors and finishes. The finish is also considerably more consistent – every board of a composite deck is the same color and texture.




As a local fencing contractor, we make sure all our garden fencing services in Norwich come fully GUARANTEED. Call today and book an appointment..

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Norwich Decking Company

Professional decking and fencing installers Norwich, Norfolk.










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When choosing artificial grass start by looking at the potential grasses from an aesthetic point of view. This is because it is, of course, extremely important that you choose an artificial grass that you’ll enjoy looking at and that improves the look of your garden.



Slabb and timber deck installation. Earlham. Norwich.

As a  local  contractor, we make sure all our garden services in Norwich come fully GUARANTEED. Call today and book an appointment.



Timber decking installation Lowestoft

We offer professionally build lean-to with poly carbonate roofs to protect from the rain and the sun as an all year round solution and protecting timber decking for years to come.

Decorators, plasterers, painters Hamilton South Lanarkshire, Glasgow.
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Plasterer and decorating Hamilton.

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