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Timber decking is a relatively new ‘lifestyle’ concept for the UK – and has become a widespread alternative to traditional hard terraces and patios. One of the strongest themes in contemporary landscaping is that of the ‘new garden’; whereby the exterior is to be treated as an ‘outside room’. In this context, timber decking is an excellent way of extending the living space of a building – outdoors.

Timber decking harnesses the potential of sloping, undulating or uneven garden terrain. And additionally, elevated or split level decks can be created on level ground to create new dimensions to your garden, giving it a unique look.



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Here at Norwich Decking Co, our timber decking fitters make sure all our garden services in Norwich and Norfolk are completed to the highest standards.




Composite decking is less slippery than timber and comes in a range of colors and finishes. The finish is also considerably more consistent – every board of a composite deck is the same color and texture.




As a local fencing contractor, we make sure all our garden fencing services in Norwich come fully GUARANTEED. Call today and book an appointment..

How long will timber decking last?

Timber decking can last over 10 years with the proper care and maintenance. timber holds up well when installed maintained correctly.

What are the benefits of timber decking?

Timber decking provides a comfortable surface for walking, sitting and even lying on . A timber deck gives a high aesthetic appeal in harmony with your garden and nature. iIt is also great to conceal unsightly necessities such as inspection covers and drains. Also aving a timber deck installation  reduces excavation and ground work preparation in comparison to patios.

How long will composite decking last?
Composite decking can last over 25 years with the proper care and maintenance. Composite holds up a lot better under hot or cold weather shifts. Composite decking is resistant to rot, mold, which can take their toll on timber decking materials. Composite does not require as much upkeep as wood. Diffent brands offer diffrent guarantees. The guarantees range from 10 years to 25 years.
What are the benefits of composite decking?
Here are a few key advantages of using composite decking. First it is designed for maximum durability. It resists fading, staining, scratching and mold, and won’t rot, crack or warp. It’s also insect-proof and splinter-free, making it safer and more comfortable for families with kids and pets.

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Norwich Decking Co, fit both Hard & Softwood decking boards. Depending on the garden, terrace or rooftop we can provide and install the most suitable timber decking to fit the surroundings, preference, and budget. Timber decking offers a warm natural feel to any property or workplace.

I had my timber decking replaced by Norwich Decking Company, the job Barry and his team done is excellent If you are having decking installed I constantly recommend Norwich Decking Co. WE SOLVE ALL
Mr Browne - Norwich

I would like to say that my wife and I are incredibly impressed by Norwich Decking Company.

They are professional and meticulous in the designs that we requested, The deck is stunning and the materials used are of an great quality..

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If you are planning on installing some new decking in your garden area but are unsure about what material is right for you, then why not ask Norwich Decking Co. about the various types of wooden decking available?.

A new decking area can be a great addition to your back or front garden, providing extra space for entertaining guests, a dining area, or simply a spot to lounge and relax in.

Decking is usually fitted as a raised platform (including stairs and security railing) directly onto the back of your property, designed to be a transitional space between the home and the actual garden itself.

There are a number of decking materials to choose from but wooden decking remains the most popular choice – and for good reason too. Here at Norwich Decking Co. we offer numerous styles and variations.

Whatever your personal style there is sure to be one to suit you.


When choosing artificial grass start by looking at the potential grasses from an aesthetic point of view. This is because it is, of course, extremely important that you choose an artificial grass that you’ll enjoy looking at and that improves the look of your garden.



Slabb and timber deck installation. Earlham. Norwich.

As a  local  contractor, we make sure all our garden services in Norwich come fully GUARANTEED. Call today and book an appointment.



Timber decking installation Lowestoft

We offer professionally build lean-to with poly carbonate roofs to protest from the rain and the sun as an all year round solution and protecting timber decking for years to come.

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Covid-19 update

Updated 6th January 2021


Following the UK Government’s announcement about how restrictions will change from 4th January, together with industry guidance we remain open for business and are able to continue to install products and offer sales and survey appointments in all areas of Norfolk. All of this activity is carried out following the Governments stringent guidelines. You can read about how we are managing this below.


How we are making our service safer for everyone

Our consultants will be meticulous when visiting customer homes, but you can discuss exactly how you would like your visit to be conducted in advance. On the day of the visit, we have introduced the following measures…

  1. Firstly, consultants will only attend if they and their household are symptom free for a minimum of 14 days. If there’s any sign they have been in contact with the virus, they are required to self-isolate and won’t carry out visits until safe to do so.
  2. We’ll be in touch on the day of your consultation to confirm that you and your household are also symptom free. If you or any member of your household has any symptoms the visit will not go ahead, but we can re-arrange your consultation if necessary.
  3. We can discuss how you would like the consultation to be conducted, with discussions taking place in the garden for instance.
  4. Every consultant will be equipped with protective clothing such as disposable gloves and masks and will also bring their own hand sanitiser.
  5. Product samples will be disinfected thoroughly before and after every visit and you’ll be asked to wear sanitary gloves if you wish to handle them.
  6. Every consultant will observe strict social distancing throughout the visit and stay at least 2m away. You can even expect a friendly wave instead of a handshake.
  7. Finally, consultants will clean and disinfect any surfaces in your home they have touched before leaving.